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Chris and Carissa Dalton, modern-day storytellers with a class twist.

Feature Film

All The Dragons: It's never too late to live one's dreams.

When her son is bullied at school and her husband’s career stalls, May retreats to her childhood home to confront her traumatic past and find the freedom to live out her dreams.

About the Film

Nicholas and the Keeper of Names: An All-ages Fantasy Adventure.

As the next Keeper of Names, the protector of those in contract with the elves, Nicholas has a duty to uphold. He will have to use all his skills and powers to mend the shattered ties between man and elf and break the curse that has fallen over his once peaceful city.

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Illustrated Fairytale

The Lantern Heart

Deep in the heart of Kodiak, a battle rages for the children. With a lantern to guide him, a Hunter faces off with a supernatural enemy, knowing only one can win.

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Too often, people set aside the desire to create art because "it's not important." We believe the opposite. If you want to write or act, it is vital you do it. And we want to help you.

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We will help you find and develop the tools you need to write short stories, novels, plays and screenplays.

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Julie CastroWriter, Editor, Fiesta Publishing

Not knowing what to expect...I found myself engaged in learning the basic principles of screenplay writing, directing, and acting from Chris and Carissa. This foundation has provided me with the essentials needed to begin working on the film I plan to write, produce, and direct.

Cristian LascauWriter, Director, Actor

This has been a vital learning experience, learning the craft of writing scripts. I have gained so many foundational pieces about the art of story-telling that I am using in everyday life; from writing to communication with others. The methods were simple and deep, changed my writing tremendously, and gave me the confidence to take risks and free my imagination.

Candace RobertsWriter, Artist

Their teaching has caused me to think outside the box. It also stirred up long buried stories that are still fresh today.

Leo Partibleauthor, musician, actor, director

I highly recommend this superb book. Nicholas and the Keeper of Names is an epic, unique fantasy in the tradition of Lord of the Rings. Spread the word, tell your friends... It's great reading in any season!

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